Governing Bodies of the Projustitiae Foundation


Quadrennium 2020-2024

The Board of Founders is constituted by all the entities identified in article 35 of the Charter (Decree-Law no. 240-A/89, of July 27), by the State and all those to whom this status has been granted by the respective Board, following a proposal by the Board of Directors, and via a duly well-founded decision approved by an absolute majority. The status of Founder shall be granted in function of the relevant services provided to the Foundation or the specific merits of the respective applicant.


  • Paulo Morais e Silva (President)

  • ASOR

The Board of Directors is made up of five members, one president, two vice-presidents and two administrators. Their mandates last four years. The president and vice-presidents of the Board of Directors are elected by the Board itself from among its members by secret vote and absolute majority of its members.


  • President: Paulo Manuel de Almeida Morais e Silva
  • Vice-President: Maria Francisca de Matos Salvador
  • Vice-President: Pedro Ricardo Coimbra de Dias Novo
  • Administrator: Miguel Ângelo Antunes Dias Soro
  • Secretary: João Ferreira de Magalhães Matos

The Supervisory Board is made up of three members elected by the Board of Founders.
The term of office for members is three years.



  • President: Marta Joana Pinto de Oliveira Novo
  • Vice-President: Lucas Moura Rebelo
  • Reporter: Paulo Alexandre Gomes Rijo